IQRF Range Tester


When you design wireless appliances using IQRF communication modules, it’s a common problem to find best places for installation to minimize environmental distractions. When you install your radio nodes on places, what seems to be good on drawings, sometimes hard to find out why the modules cannot communicate with each other in the real life.


When using IQ Home IQRF Range Tester to evaluate the place of installation, you can be sure, that your wireless appliance’s radio communication will work without any problem caused by the environment at the time of installation.


It’s so easy to use!

  1. Just configure the desired radio settings on tester pair with the CATS Service Tools in IQRF Programing IDE
    (default values also can be used out of the box)
    You can set:
    • default radio TX power level – How strong your appliance will transmit
    • minimum client RSSI level – How loud the other party should be to accept its packets
    • radio channel – On which frequency will they talk to each other
  2. Put them on the desired place
  3. Check the communication status light:
    • Green: Good!
    • Yellow: Usable
    • Orange: Weak signal quality
    • Red: Communication issues! Move to different position or repeater required.
  4. To be sure, press the „Lower TX Power” button, to see if the communication is also good at lower transmission power level.
  5. Based on the status light you can decide to use the current place, or find a better place for the device.

 For detailed instructions and parameters, please see the manual.


What you get on order?

We selling range tester in pairs, factory preconfigured, so you can start using immediately after your package arrived.

The package contains the following:

  • 2pcs IQRF Range tester modules
  • batteries for the modules
  • IQRF modules in the testers factory preconfigured


On order you can specify color of the tester module's case. Currently black or light grey available.


For more information, please do not hesitate to use our price request page and tell us what you need!