Universal Gateway



The Gateway is based on Raspberry Pi B+. The Raspberry Pi allows to developers to run custom software combined with standard Linux packages. 

The extension board allows to use IQRF coordinator modules from DCTR-5x or DCTR-7x familes.

For IQRF module programming, just simply connect  CK-USB-04A programmer to the board. The Linux console is accessible via Mini-USB connector.

The device is powered from 5V DC power supply included in the package.

The gateway comes with an SD card with a preinstalled operatingsystem and code examples to demonstrate how to start using the device and develop your own software.



Main Features

  • Based on Raspberry Pi B+
  • RTC on board in case of power outage (with backup power)
  • Supports SIM type and SMD IQRF modules
  • Compatible with CK-USB-4A programmer
  • Custom extension board support
  • 64k EEPROM on board
  • IQRF IDE UDP device (GW-UNI-01)
  • Ready to use SD card images
    • Read/write image for developers
    • Read only image for industrial use

What is inside?


What you get on order?

The package contains the following:

  • 1pc Plastic case for Raspberry Pi B+ and Universal Gateway board
  • 1pc Raspberry Pi B+
  • 1pc Universal Gateway panel
  • 1pc IQRF DCTR-76DA module
  • 1pc SD card with a ready to boot Linux OS and sample code for the Universal Gateway features
  • 1pc 5V DC Power supply

For latest code examples please check our repository on GitHub: https://github.com/iqhome/unigw

On request, we can make custom engravings on top cover!

Customized packages are also available! 

For more information, please do not hesitate to use our price request page and tell us what you need!