Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Indoor air quality (IAQ) relates to health and comfort. A healthy, happy workforce is a vital component of a productive, successful business in the long-term.

Comfort is a way of measuring occupant satisfaction which, in turn, can directly affect concentration and productivity and impact the cost of doing business.

Proper temperature and humidity levels in your home or office increase comfort, save money on utility bills and promote a healthy environment.

It is essential to monitor indoor air quality (IAQ) to provide for occupant health, productivity and comfort.

The complex mixture of gases and particles in indoor spaces is difficult to measure. However, CO2 levels, which are easy to measure, can be used in place of other measurements to indicate IAQ.


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Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring is widely applicable solution. Maintaining an optimal temperature in food storage coolers and freezers allows to keep food fresh. From prep coolers to walk-in freezers witch sensors can maintain proper temperatures and can be alert in real-time if temperature go outside a safe zone or if a cooler door is left open.

Commercial Fridge and freezer temperature monitoring and datalogging is essential as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

Monitoring server and IT equipment rooms can be used for get notification any impending heat or humidiy problems.

Temperature monitoring applicable for preventive maintenance. Temperature monitoring is an essential tool for ensuring the safety and reliability of equipment.

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Lighting Control

Wireless control of lighting in supermarkets, warehoueses or in factories. Selectively turn on only certain lights for energy saving.  


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Smart Meter

Energy consumption monitoring with Pulse Counter module. The Pulse Counter module can be connected to most pulse output meter such as water, gas flow or electricity meters.