Install Node-RED


Install Node-RED


​1.​ Install Node-RED  3

​2.​ Setup remote access  4

​3.​ Reboot the gateway  5

​4.​ Display Web View  6

​1.​ Install Node-RED

To getting started with LinkIt please check the Quick Start Guide or the tutorial videos.

  1. Go to “Files” tab
  2. Select “” script file in script section
  3. Click on the “Play” button in the toolbar and wait until the script finishes the installation in few minutes
  4. After the installation the output of the script shows up

​2.​ Setup remote access

  1. Go to “Settings” menu
  2. Go to “Main” tab
  3. Enable “Advanced mode” in the toolbar and scroll down and find TCP Proxy section
  4. Enable TCP Proxy
  5. Add 1880 Node-RED port to comma separated list
  6. Save modified settings and restart service

​3.​ Reboot the gateway

  1. Go to gateway Dashboard
  2. Click on the “Power” button in the toolbar
  3. Reboot the gateway

​4.​ Display Web View

Go to Web View and the web interface of the Node-RED will show up.

After the reboot the Node-RED service needs a few minutes to boot up. If not show up at first try to click on the refresh button.

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