Microsoft Azure Quick Start Guide


Microsoft Azure Quick Start Guide


​1.​ Creating an Azure IoT Hub  3

​1.1.​ Crete IoT Hub  3

​1.2.​ Set up new IoT Hub  4

​1.3.​ Get connection string  6

​2.​ Register new device with Device Explorer  7

​2.1.​ Update connection information  7

​2.2.​ Create new device  8

​2.3.​ Create SAS token  9

3.​ Setup MQTT settings of the gateway with LinkIt!  10

​1.​ Creating an Azure IoT Hub

​1.1.​ Crete IoT Hub

  1. Login to the Azure Portal with your account.
  2. Create a new “IoT Hub” resource.

  1. Create IoT Hub

​1.2.​ Set up new IoT Hub

  1. Select resource group or create it
  2. Name the IoT Hub
  3. Check the selection

  1. Create after review

​1.3.​ Get connection string

  1. Open “All Resources”
  2. Select the newly created IoT Hub
  3. Invoke the “Shared Access Policies”.
  4. Under “Policy”, select “iothubowner”
  5. Copy “Connection string—primary key”

​2.​ Register new device with Device Explorer

​2.1.​ Update connection information

  1. Paste the copied “Connection string—primary key” into IoT Hub Connection String area
  2. Copy the hostname part from the connection string and paste into Protocol Gateway HostName
  3. CLick on “Update” button

​2.2.​ Create new device

  1. Click on “Create” button on the Management tab
  2. Set the name of the new device
  3. Click on “Create” button in the popup window

​2.3.​ Create SAS token

  1. Click on “SAS Token...” button
  2. Set TimeToLive (TTL) days of the token
  3. Click on “Generate” button
  4. Copy the required part for the client

3.​ Setup MQTT settings of the gateway with LinkIt!

To getting started with LinkIt please check the Quick Start Guide or the tutorial videos.

  1. Go to “Settings” tab
  2. Go to “Main” settings section
  3. Enable MQTT
  4. Set hostname determined in 2.1. Update connection information
  5. Set Port to 8333
  6. Set Username by hostname and the name of the device like HostName/DeviceID
  7. Set Password by paste the copied part of the SAS token from 2.3. Create SAS token
  8. Select Manual Client ID Source
  9. Set Client ID as DeviceID defined in 2.2. Create new device
  10. Enable MQTT TLS
  11. Select “CA Signed server certificates”
  12. Click on Save button and upload modified settings

After successfully saved the new configuration restart the gateway service.

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