IQ Home Sensors

Sensor modules for OEM usage

As a member of IQRF Alliance, we provide sensors as open modules for developers and system integrators. By using our pre-built sensor nodes, you do not need to develop every part of your IQRF based system, what means you can significantly reduce product release times. The detailed programming instructions can be downloaded from our website. The sensor family can be extended even if you need special measurements. In case of special needs, don`t hesitate to contact us.
For end users, we provide sensors as part of our SensNet sensing and reporting solution.


The IQ Home Sensor family is great choice if you wisht to integrate temperature and humidity sensors into your IQRF based solution. In the future, other sensor types will also be available, like light sensors, flow sensors, etc.

Currentl available sensor types:

Env. protection
SN-TS01-B/W-S/L-D Temperature IP30 LCD
SN-TS02-B/W-S/L-D Temperature+Humidity IP30 LCD
SN-TS03-G-S/L Temperature IP65 External Antenna,
Extended cable
SN-TS04-G-S/L Temperature+Humidity IP65 External Antenna,
Extended cable

Color code: B=Black, W=White (light grey), G=Grey IP protected
code: S=Std, L=LP
Display code: D= with LCD


All of the sensors are basicly battery povered (3.6V long life lithium battery included), but on request they can be upgraded with external power supply.

When using battery to supply power, you should use the sleep modes of the IQRF modules to extend battery life.


For supported commands and detailed features please see the Programers guide