IQ Home gateways connect wireless network to Cloud



The IQ Home gateway family designed for IoT applications. The IQ Home gateways can be used as IoT gateway, fog or edge computing gateway on demand.
The purpose as IoT gateway is to bridge the communication gap between IQRF DPA devices in the field and the Cloud in the easiest way.

The gateway is optimized for IQRF DPA networks to monitor and control complex environments. The gateway comes with Linux operating system with preinstalled software services.

The IQ Home gateway is ready to use. All you need to do is to setup  your cloud parameters in the gateway and bond IQRF DPA nodes via IQRF IDE.

Cloud Integration

The IQ Home gateway supports well known cloud services like Amazon AWS, IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure and other solutions with MQTT support like Mosquitto broker. The gateway contains configuration templates for Amazon AWS, IBM Bluemix and Microsoft Azure.

Access to Internet

The gateway has multiple interfaces to access the Internet. The 4G/LTE  module provides access to LTE, UMTS/HSPA+ and GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks worldwide. The Ethernet interface provides access to local network and with an additional USB Wi-Fi dongle can access to wireless network.


The scheduler is a Cron type second based service. This service provides a solution for sending local request messages periodically to collect data or perform other jobs instead of sending it from the Cloud.

Low Power

One of the main aspects of the design of IQ Home gateways is to minimalize the power consumption. This design allows to use the gateways from solar panels or run from backup power for couple of days.

Remote Management

The remote management feature developed for easily access the gateways over MQTT with JSON API to read status information, modify configurations and run scripts remotely.

The remote management protocol easily accessed with Link It!.
Link It! is a free multiplatform desktop application for IQ Home gateways MQTT remote management protocol handling. 

One of the most nice feature of Link It! is the can be connect to IQ Home gateways from IQRF IDE via MQTT like the gateway is on the same network.

Remote Access

The IQ Home gateways provide an advenced feauture to access TCP services on the gateway over MQTT such as SSH or web services. The gateways has a built-in TCP proxy that can forwarding TCP data traffic over MQTT. Link  It! has a terminal which can be connect to the gateway SSH service and a web browser for display web pages from the gateway.

Localization and Tracking

GPS feature provides the exact location of the gateway unit. The GPS feature enables tracking vehicles with onboard sensor networks or temporary installations like building constructions.

High Reliability

The gateways uses RAID technology for the system and EEPROM RAID (eeRAID) for the configuration storage. Thanks to RAID technology the gateway remains functional even in case of storage failures. The eeRAID is designed to store configurations, certificates and security keys for extra safety and security. The eeRAID intends to store frequently changed configuration files at least 1 million read/write cycles during the lifetime of the EEPROM.
The Ethernet and 4G/LTE network interfaces are redundant. The  4G/LTE connection can be used as a backup route in case of internet access is down via Ethernet connection.

Gateway Families

The IQ Home gateways available in Desktop and Industrial design. The Desktop Gateway is appropriate solution for home and office evironment. The Industrial Gateway designed for use in industrial environment. The Industrial Gateway has advanced features to satisfy industrial requirements.




  DSC_0060_jav.png gw-ind-01.png
Mounting Desktop/Wall Standard DIN Rail
RF Communication module IQRF DCTR-76D(A)
10/100Base-T Ethernet connectivity
Remote management
with LinkIt™
Enhanced reliability feautres  
4G/LTE connection*  
GPS localization*  

Supply voltage and
device temperature monitoring

Power over Ethernet*  
12V Acid-lead battery backup support**  
Operating temperature 0°C...+60°C -20°C...+70°C
Environment protection IP20 IP20
with outdoor enclosure*
Supply voltage DC 5V DC 9-16V


* Optional features

**Only with supported power supplies