IoT MQTT Data Output

IoT MQTT Data Output

The IQ Home IoT devices can connect to a wide range of cloud services, such as Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, and more via MQTT protocol. The cloud services can be used for ambient monitoring or industrial energy metering. The IQ Home devices are an easy solution for someone looking for a wireless cloud network.

What is MQTT?

MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a lightweight publish-subscribe network protocol. It is designed for constrained devices with low bandwidth. In a publish and subscribe system, each device can publish a message to a given topic. This is sent to the central MQTT broker, which forwards it to every device, which is subscribed to the given topic.

The IQ Home Gateways can use several MQTT brokers: Google Cloud IoT, IBM Cloud, Amazon AWS IoT and Microsoft Azure IoT Hub in the cloud, or Mosquitto and HiveMQ hosted on servers.

MQTT Features

MQTT is a highly scalable protocol. You can expand your IoT network just by connecting more Gateways to the network.

It supports the access control of the devices, which means you can control which device can read or write to the given topics.

The MQTT messages sent from the Gateways use the easily human-readable JSON format.

The Gateways support Username/Password of Certificate-based authentication.

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