Delivery Information

Goods in stock are generally dispatched within five working days at most of receipt of the order. If the goods are not currently in stock, you will be told the delivery date when your order is confirmed. We will inform you of the delivery dates for a large amount of goods, or for items which are not given in the price list, on the basis of a written request.

Before confirming and sending his order, the customer can choose from these methods of delivering goods:

a) Everything in stock – The parcel is generally sent within three days at most.
b) Everything in one parcel (Complete delivery) – If some of the goods are not in stock, everything is sent in one parcel once the complete order is in stock.
c) Delivery in multiple parcels (Partial delivery) – The goods which are currently in stock are generally sent within five working days. We record the other items and will send them in (an) additional parcel(s). The customer is informed of delivery dates in advance. The customer is responsible for paying the higher costs for conveyance in a number of parcels (particularly postal fees and customs duty). This way of delivery is provided on customer´s request.

The vendor uses the services of GLS, TNT, UPS for conveying goods, or delivery services arranged by the customer. The customer can state which of the options given he wants the goods to be delivered using. This must be detailed in the order. If he does not do this, the vendor will send the goods using the method he considered most appropriate.

In conveying the goods, the vendor charges for each individual parcel conveyed in accordance with the current prices of the chosen carrier. The delivery charge is calculated in the web store and displayed before the order is sent in the shopping cart according to weight and delivery distance. If delivery services arranged by the customer are used, IQ HOME Kft. will not charge for delivery.

Packaging is free of charge.

The goods delivery method can also be changed through a preliminary agreement between the customer and an employee of the vendor’s sales services.