Modbus Master

Wireless Modbus RTU Master


IQ Home wireless Modbus Master enables to connect standard Modbus RTU slave devices to the IQ Home Gateway without any wire. Wireless Modbus Master devices applicable to:

  • PLCs with Modbus TCP on local network
  • Monitoring and data collecting to Cloud solutions

Read Wireless Sensor Data via Modbus

IQ Home Industrial Gateway provides solution to read wireless sensor data from Modbus TCP Master capable PLC. Wireless sensors periodically requested for measured data and virtualized inside the gateway. Access to the mapped virtual sensor data is possible with Modbus register reading. Virtual wireless sensor solution works together with other IQ Home Modbus Master devices.

IQ Home Gateways with CODESYS

Modbus devices accessed by PLCs but in many cases CODESYS SoftPLC solution can replace PLCs. CODESYS Control installed on IQ Home Gateways enables industrial applications without PLCs. IQ Home LinkIt! can connects to CODESYS runtime via MQTT to display visualization or modify the control logic.

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