Version OS Files Date
2.2.0 Windows IQ Home Link It! Setup 2.2.0.exe 2021-10-22 2021-10-22
Linux IQ Home Link It!-2.2.0.AppImage 2021-10-22
LinkIt.tar.gz 2021-10-22


Link It!™ is the answer how can you manage your gateways over the Internet via MQTT protocol. Link It!™ is a multiplatform application that use an open protocol for remote gateway management and diagnostic.
You can find video tutorials for LinkIt! here!


Link It! supports multiplle networks profiles. In a network profile you can set the MQTT client settings to discover and connect to gateways on the same MQTT broker.


Link It! discover and shows all of the gateways that configuration matches with the selected network profile settings.

Gateways - Map View

The 4G/LTE capable gateways can located on the Map View.


General information about the selected gateway and main controls.

Easy to Use Configuration Interface

The gateway can be configured with a user friendly configuration interface.

The configuration tool can configure:

  • Main service settings
  • MQTT crendtials with certificate and key file upload
  • MQTT subscribe topics
  • Scheduler configuraion
  • WWAN settings for 4G/LTE capable gateways

Node-RED Programming Tool

Node-RED is supported by IQ Home gateways. Link It! provides remote access to Node-RED for create or modify programs running on the selected gateway.

RF Network Management

The RF Network tool provides interface to:

  • Add/Remove RF devices
  • Remap the network
  • Show status of devices in table view
  • Show network connection on the map view
Modbus-RTU Master Protocol Documentation
Sending email alerts with Node-RED
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