Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor (24V DC supply) [SN-TH-02/24]

Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor (24V DC supply) [SN-TH-02/24]

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The SN-TH-02/24 sensor is part of the IQ Home sensor family. These devices are developed to automatically collect measurement data and send it to your preferred data processing platform. The sensors run on 9-24VDC power supply.

The SN-TH-02/24 sensor is a temperature and relative humidity measuring device. This makes it perfect to measure ambient air quality in huge offices and smart buildings. With these, you can easily control HVAC, BMS, IAQ, and the performance of test instruments.

Key features:

  • Low power ISM frequency-based wireless sensor
  • Ready to use, IQRF-DPA compatible device
  • 9-24VDC power supply
  • Easy-to-use communication protocol
  • Data collection from devices with one RF command

*Battery life depends on the frequency of the measurement, the sensor's sleep period, RF network size and topology, and operating temperature.

Package contains:

  • SN-THC-02/24 temperature and relative humidity sensor
Temperature sensing
Measurement range -20 °C to +60 °C
Accuracy ±0.3 °C (typical)
Resolution 0.0625 °C
Relative humidity sensing
Measurement range 0 % to 85 %
Accuracy ±3 RH (typical)
Resolution 0.0625 %
RF Specifiaction
Communication technology IQRF - DPA
Communication module DCTR-76DA
IQRF-OS verision 4.03D
IQRF-DPA verision 4.11
RF mode Low Power
RF band 868 MHz (916 MHz on special request)
RF output power 8 mW
Antenna Internal, PCB
Local display and control
State feedback LED (Red/Green)
Environmental conditions
Operation temperature -20 °C to 60 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C to +60 °C
Relative humidity 0 % to 85 %
Electrical specification
Input power supply / Input voltage 9-24VDC
Sleep consumption <1 uA (typical)
Idle consumption (RF RX active) 345 uA (typical)
RF TX consumption Maximum 22 mA (according to RF output power)
Sensor ready time < 2s
Mechanical and enclosure specification
Product dimension (outline) 80mm(W) x 80mm(D) x 25mm(H)
Mount type Wall mountable
Enclosure material ABS
Enclosure colour White
Product weight 80 g
Enclosure protection level IP30


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