Use Cases


How IQ Home IoT devices can be applied

Smart Parking System

Make(s)ense company developed sensors for a parking system project co-operation with T-Systems. IQ Home provided Industrial Gateways to the project. The parking system installed already in Hungary at Budapest and Debrecen.

The gateways in the parking system connect to to the cloud via 4G/LTE.

IQ Home products used in this project:

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Óbuda University created an IAQ project based on IQ Home products. The air quality monitored in laboratories and class rooms at the university for research purposes. Indoor air quality (IAQ) relates to health and comfort. Comfort is a way of measuring occupant satisfaction which, in turn, can directly affect concentration and productivity. IAQ related to temperature, relative humidity and CO2 levels.

IQ Home products used in this project:

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